2 Types of Roof Repair You Don’t Want to Put Off

When you spot an issue at your home or commercial property, it can be tempting to ignore it. While that might be possible with a jamming door or flickering lightbulb, there are some problems that need to be tackled as soon as possible.

That’s exactly the case with your roof, where even the smallest issue can lead to further damage and develop into something serious. In this post, we’ll look at two common types of roof repair that you definitely don’t want to put off…

1.   Loose tiles or slates

You’ll be able to spot loose tiles or slates on your roof simply by looking up at it. Tiles and slates could be cracked, wonky or have even slipped out of place completely. Why? They might have been victim to high winds or been knocked by some larger debris like a branch. In most cases, however, it’s because the nails holding them in place have worn away.

While loose roofing materials might seem like a simple eyesore, they’re actually more serious than that. They act as a break in your roof’s covering, allowing rainwater to get in. That could cause a leak, as well as leading to more tiles becoming loose.

Having a few loose tiles could also be a sign that the nails holding the rest of your roofing material in place are wearing away, meaning it’s best to renew your roof in the near future. Whatever the case, it’s best to get them seen to as soon as possible.

2.   Blocked outlets or gutters

Your roof’s there primarily to stop water getting into the building. Once that’s done, it’s up to your guttering to guide it away and down the drainpipes. If there’s a blockage anywhere along the way, it won’t be able to do that properly.

Blocked gutters might seem like a small problem, but the consequences can be huge. Rather than being guided away, water will overflow onto your walls. This will cause the pointing to break down and allow water to get into your property, leading to damp and potentially structural damage.

The same is true if water gathers at the bottom of the building. In this case, it could get to the foundations of your home or commercial property, potentially contributing to subsidence. And it’s fair to say a blocked gutter is quicker, easier and far cheaper to tackle than subsidence…

Act now, relax later

With your roof and gutters playing such a critical role in protecting your property, even the smallest issue can develop into something really serious. If you put it off, it will cost you a lot more and cause you even more stress further down the line.

At DPR Roofing, we encourage a proactive approach to roofing. By acting now and nipping small issues in the bud, you can relax later with complete peace of mind that your roof is doing its job. To arrange a quote, give us a call on 01977 220016 or email [email protected].