3 Common Symptoms of Old Roofs

We all benefit from a health check every now and then. It allows doctors to spot any niggling issues, make a diagnosis and provide treatment before anything get worse.

Your roof is no different. With regular checks and repairs a quality roof can last a lifetime. Without ongoing TLC, treatments might come too late and a replacement might be needed.

Much like a personal illness, it’s best to know the symptoms so you know when to act. In this post, we’ll look at three common symptoms of an old roof.

1.   Rotten timbers

New or old, roofs can start to leak at any time in their life cycle. That could be down to a missing tile, broken flashing or just poor installation. Whatever the case, it can be spotted and rectified.

However, with old roofs, what you tend to see is slower leaking. Because the materials are older and worn down, water penetrates the roof over time. This causes hidden wet rot to timbers. If it’s allowed to develop, it could add a lot more expense in the long run.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a symptom that’s visible to the untrained eye. If you suspect your old roof has hidden wet rot, it’s best to have an inspection.

2.   Higher costs

When a roof is kept in a good condition, it won’t need constant repairs. An annual inspection and basic maintenance, like gutter clearing or replacing a cracked tile, will keep things working well.

That’s certainly one way that old roofs differ. The older a roof gets, the more often it will need repairs simply to keep it working. If your roof is costing noticeably more to maintain, it could simply be because it’s getting on a bit. Much like an older person, no treatment is going to totally restore its youth.

As the costs start to stack up, there comes a time when you should consider a roof replacement. A well-installed roof would save you all the money you’re spending on repairs for years to come.

3.   Difficulty selling

Struggling to sell your property? It could be down to your roof. With the roof responsible for protecting the rest of the house, it’s no wonder buyers put it top of the list when they’re looking for a new home. There’s no point having flawlessly decorated rooms, for instance, if they’re vulnerable to leaks.

The same goes for lenders, who will assess the state of a property’s roof before agreeing to lend money against it. If potential buyers can’t get enough money from the bank, they won’t be able to buy your property.

Struggling to sell your property is another common symptom of old roofs – and the best remedy is a full replacement.

New roofs in Pontefract

Whether you suspect hidden rot or you’re tired of paying out for repairs, a new roof can remedy the problems associated with old roofs.

At DPR Roofing in Pontefract, we provide end-to-end solutions for new roofs. From survey and design to materials and installation, we’ll make sure your new roof is exactly how you want it and ready to protect your property for years to come.

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