4 Ways to Prepare Your Property for Cold Weather

Winter is here, which means – amongst other things – an inevitable drop in temperatures. As well as making everything a bit chillier, that cold weather will have an impact on several elements of your home.

Read on to find out four ways to get your property winter-ready…

1. Garden

Once the daily temperatures drop consistently below 10 degrees Celsius, your grass will stop growing. But if you leave it too long over winter, it will become seriously damaged with the rain and snow.

That’s why it’s best practice to do a final cut in October-November, leaving your grass around 2-3 inches long for the colder months. You should also make sure you clear up any plants that have died and dig up any lingering weeds.

2. Insulation

When the weather gets cold, most people’s first concern is staying warm. Not just with coats, scarves and gloves outside, but also staying warm inside your home. But you don’t want that to cost over the odds through heating bills.

That’s where insulation comes in. Wall and loft insulation are both effective ways of improving your home’s thermal efficiency. Making sure your windows and doors and draught-sealed will also help you keep the cold out and the warm in.

3. Roof

We all remember from high-school science that heat rises. If you want to keep your home warm, it’s important that your roof is fully sealed off. Any gaps, however small, will let the heat escape from your home, which could render any other insulation obsolete.

If you want to make sure your roof is ready for the cold weather, be sure to get a professional roof inspection. That will also highlight any issues before all the rain hits in the winter months.

4. Guttering

Your gutters are responsible for guiding water down the drain as it runs off your roof. However, they need to be fully clean and clear so water can run freely through them. That’s important all year round, but even more so in cold weather.

If water gets blocked and sits in your gutters, the cold temperatures could cause it to freeze. That will be even worse if there are any cracks in your gutters. When water freezes, it expands by almost 10%, which could turn small cracks into big breaks. Needless to say, it’s best to get your gutters checked before the cold weather sets in.

Professional services in Pontefract

While you might be a dab hand at gardening, DIY on your roof or guttering is never a good idea. As well as putting yourself at risk, you could cause serious damage to your home. If you want complete peace of mind when the temperature drops, DPR Roofing in Pontefract offers a range of expert services for both roofing and guttering.

From tile and flashing replacement to gutter clearance, we’ll make sure your roof is ready for the cold weather, so you have one less thing to worry about.