8 Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

Choosing a roof material is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing or renovating a building. While in some cases the choice will be made for you with heritage restoration laws or neighbourhood aesthetics, quite often the decision will be left up to you.

If concrete tiles have your attention, here’s a few reasons why they could be the best material of choice for your roof…

1. Cost effective

Concrete tiles are simple and easy to fabricate, a cost-effective perk that’s passed on to customers. Plus, when you factor in the long lifespan of concrete tile roofs, the pricing benefits are even more profound.

2. Durable and robust

When it comes to durability, concrete roof tiles run circles around some of the alternatives. Installed properly, concrete tiles offer excellent long-term performance and hold up against high winds, heavy rain and other wild weather.

3. A long lifespan

The average concrete tile roof has a lifespan of around 50 to 70 years which makes the material extremely cost effective in the long-term. Concrete tiles are virtually impervious to damage from rot and insects which means you won’t have to worry about decay.

4. Quick and easy installation

Labour costs are one of the biggest expenses associated with renovating or installing roofs. Quick and easy to install, concrete tiles overcome this challenge and offer customers excellent value for money.

5. Customise colours and styles

Incredibly versatile, concrete tiles can be customised to suit any architectural style. This makes them a great choice for projects of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re renovating a historic English farmhouse or building a modern home. Choose from a variety of different styles, including flat, fluted, curved or interlocking. Concrete roof tiles can also be tinted to suit your colour palette.

6. Minimal maintenance

Concrete roof tiles require little to no maintenance which means you and your bank account can rest easy. They’re also quick and easy for professionals to replace should a tile become cracked or damaged.

7. An eco-friendly choice

Not only does the long lifespan make concrete roofs an eco-friendly choice, they’re also constructed from natural materials and minerals which means you’re not contributing to chemical pollution. Should your roof ever need to come down the concrete tiles can be ground down and recycled instead of sent to landfill.

8. Energy efficient

Thanks to the heavy thermal mass, concrete tiles also offer an energy efficient edge, helping to trap heat during the winter and regulate indoor temperatures. This means you can turn down your central heating and save on your energy bills.

Concrete roofing in Pontefract

With so much to love about concrete roof tiles, it’s no surprise they’re popular for both homes and commercial properties. If you’re comparing roofing materials for your property, be sure to get in touch with the team at DPR Roofing. Based in Pontefract, we offer a range of domestic and commercial roofing services. Whatever the case, we’ll recommend the best materials for your budget, requirements and preferences.