Are Landlords Responsible for Roof Repairs?

As a landlord, it’s important to know what is and isn’t your responsibility when it comes to property maintenance. It allows you to fulfil your obligations without spending more time or money than is necessary.

So, what’s the case for roofing? Read on as we provide the answers…

Landlords’ responsibility with roofing

In the UK, landlords are responsible for the structure and essential systems of a building. That includes the exteriors – from doors, windows and walls to the foundations and roof. But it also covers the pipework, plumbing and electrics of a property.

That said, landlords aren’t obliged to do anything specific to the roof. They’re responsible for keeping a house inhabitable, so the roof needs to be kept leak-free. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to fork out for a roof replacement. However, doing so could be the best option in the long run.

When you’re paying to maintain one or more properties, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option to keep things ticking over for the lowest cost. As roofs get older, those repairs become more frequent, and it eventually makes more sense to bite the bullet and get the roof replaced. As well as costing less over the course of a few years, it will put a stop to your phone ringing every time the heavens open.

What are tenants responsible for?

As well as paying their rent and bills, tenants are responsible for keeping your property’s interiors in a good condition. They should report any damage (inside or out) to you so it can be repaired before bigger issues develop. That’s especially important with roofing, as rainwater ingress can lead to cosmetic damage, structural issues and electrical problems.

You should make it as easy as possible for tenants to report roofing issues, with clear contact details for a property manager, estate agent or yourself. While this might seem like a sure-fire way to get your phone ringing, it will avoid leaks going undetected and causing costly damage. Remember, your money is invested in that property, meaning any serious damage could eat away at your savings or pension pot.

What if tenants don’t report leaks?

If you’re worried that tenants aren’t reporting leaks, you can perform a visual inspection yourself. Check the roof from the outside to see if any tiles have slipped out of place. You can also look inside (more on this below) for signs of water ingress or daylight coming through the roof covering.

By law, you have to give tenants 24 hours’ notice before accessing the property. This must be given in writing, but can be done by text, phone call or email if agreed in a contract. You also need to have a genuine reason for your visit and arrive within reasonable hours.

A good roof over your investment

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to keep your roof in good repair. But above all else, it’s in your interest. A good roof is an umbrella to your property, protecting your investment.

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