Green roofs have many advantages that not only benefit buildings, but also have various social, economic and environmental benefits. They have been growing in popularity consistently, and it’s not hard to see why, considering how much there is to gain by investing in them. Here are just some of the benefits that can be gained from green roofs:

Increases roof lifespan

The lifespan of a roof depends on the design of it, the materials used and the weather conditions of the surrounding area. Most roofs can last for anywhere up to around 30 years. Green roofs, which create barriers between the roof itself and the waterproofing underneath, are able to function effectively for up to 50 years, which is a considerable difference to normal roofs.


Thanks to the growth medium, the grass itself, other plants, and trapped layers of air, green roofs are able to provide great soundproofing properties compared to traditional roofs. This could be of great benefit to community buildings as well as industrial premises where loud, disruptive sound is prominent.

Reduces energy use

When roofs are poorly optimised, either through bad insulation or something else, they increase energy use throughout the building – whether by increasing the need of heating in the winter or the need of artificial cooling during the summer. Green roofs are shown to have a positive impact on a building energy consumption, thereby saving money.

Tackles climate change

Buildings cause a huge amount of the carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom, with 26% coming from homes and 18% from other buildings. Climate change is a real problem that needs to be tackled now rather than later – with the implementation of green roofs, this can be done – due to the reduced energy consumption that they provide, CO2 emissions are decreased and the, limiting the damage to the environment.

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