After some strong winds and with more expected, DPR would like to offer our clients some extra help in checking your roofs conditions when you get time.

We recently wrote an article about strong winds being expected and here are our top tips for ensuring your roof remains in top conditions.

If you are able to gain access into your roof, you can check many different things. These include:
• If you have an unlined roof, check for cracks which might show light from the outside.
• Take a torch to check all the timbers. If you notice any water or damp patches this will indicate an opening in the roof.
• After a heavy period of rain, it is worth checking the inner sate of the roof. It will only deteriorate over time.

If you are unable to get into your roof, checking from the outside is another good option. You can check the whole roof by just walking around in the garden. You will be able to spot any newly exposed cracks or slipped tiles. You may also notice any guttering that is coming away from the roof. Do not forget to look on the floor because something may have fallen off the roof, or some mortar might have broken away.

If it is safe to do so, you could also use a ladder to check some of the damage from roof level. This will show some areas much more clearly. If at any point you notice problems our team can come out and carry out a full survey and repair any damage extremely quickly for a good value.

For more information about any problems you might have, or to arrange for our team to come and carry out any repair work, you can call us by ringing the number at the top of the website. We have experienced roofers across the whole of Yorkshire and are never far away from your home.