Whether you house your own business or the let space out to tenants, it’s paramount to keep your commercial property in good nick. As all commercial property owners will know, the roof is one of the most important parts of your building. Fail to take care of it and it will no doubt come back to bite you again and again. That’s why, when you encounter a problem with your roof, it’s important to get the right solution. This post looks at your options – comparing maintenance, repair and replacement – when it comes to commercial roofing.

Why does commercial roofing matter?

Commercial roofing is no less important than the roof over your home. If anything, it has a much wider effect. A commercial roof needs to protect numerous offices or retail spaces from rainwater. With that in mind, there are all kinds of benefits when you keep it in a good condition:

1.    Repair costs

Water ingress can damage the inside of your building, from the ceiling and walls to more serious problems with electrics. With a high-quality roof, you’ll eliminate these problems and save both time and money dealing with constant repairs.

2.    Downtime

You’ll also avoid the downtime that a leaky roof can lead to. When water is leaking into the building, it can pose a risk to employees or equipment/stock, meaning staff will have to stop working while it’s put right. That’s a clear loss of productivity for your business, or a long list of complaints from tenants if you’re letting space out.

3.    Insulation

Your roof also needs to keep heat in the building. When it’s in a bad condition, it will let heat rise out of the top of your commercial property, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. For you, that means energy bills skyrocketing during the winter months.

4.    Appearance

That’s not even mentioning the eyesore of a poorly kept roof. Whether it’s prospective tenants, employees or clients, people will be unimpressed by a leaky roof. It could impact employee morale and the reputation of your business – or put off prospective tenants if you’re looking to let out your commercial property.

What are your options?

If you’re having trouble with your commercial roof, you have three broad options to choose from to put things right – replacement, repair or maintenance. Here’s what you need to know about these three options:

Roof replacement

Roofs need replacing when they’ve undergone extensive, irreparable damage. A full-scale replacement will cost more than repairs but could be worth it in the long run. Why? For one, your roof won’t need replacing again for a long time if it’s installed properly. One important consideration, however, is that a roof replacement could take a few days complete, leaving your property unusable for a short period of time.

Roof repairs

Commercial roof repairs, on the other hand, deal with specific problems on the roof – like missing tiles, broken guttering or pooling water. They will be more frequent than a roof replacement but shouldn’t become a regular occurrence. Because repairs typically cost less than a full replacement, they’re usually the preferred option for commercial property owners – not to mention that they’re completed in less time.

Roof maintenance

As well as commercial roof replacement and repairs, your commercial roof may simply need some maintenance. Covering everything from gutter clearance to a new coating on flat roofs, regular maintenance will extend the life of your roof. While blocked gutters or a worn roof may push some property owners towards repair and replacement, it could be quicker, easier and more cost-effective to have the roof properly maintained. Unfortunately, once roofs have been neglected, simple problems will develop, which usually requires repairs.

How do you decide?

It’s easy to understand the differences between replacement, repairs and maintenance. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to determine which is best for you. In truth, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best course of action for your commercial roof…


It’s plain and simple. If you can’t afford a full roof replacement, the roof will have to be patched up with a repair for the time being. That said, the cost of constant repairs will stack up when a replacement is really the best solution.


A one-off repair could keep your roof working perfectly for a number of years. In other cases, it will need repairing again within a few weeks or months. If the latter sounds familiar, it might be time to look at having your roof replaced. Recurring problems cost a lot to continually upkeep, and the repairs clearly aren’t working in the long run.


Another factor to consider with your roof is time. A full replacement will take longer than repairs or maintenance, as well as having a longer waiting list. If your roof needs a replacement urgently, it might be worth opting for repairs or maintenance to tide you over and stop any further damage.


When deciding between your options, it’s worth factoring in the age of your roof. Roofs typically last at least ten years, increasing to 40, 60 or even 100 depending on the materials used. If your roof has been in place for a long time and you’re regularly having problems with it, it’s probably time to replace it. On the flipside, if you’re having problems with a new roof it is probably down to poor installation.

Looking to the future

Try not to focus on the short term when it comes to repairs and replacements. Effective repairs or a high-quality replacement will add value to your property and keep everything running smoothly in the future. Remember, if you opt for a full replacement, you’re cutting out all those recurring repairs on your roof.

Maintenance is key

Whatever choice you make, maintenance is definitely something you should consider going forwards. Roofs can last several decades if they’re installed properly. But they still require regular maintenance to keep everything working properly. Having your commercial roof inspected just once or twice a year could save you big money on repairs in the future.

Important considerations

Is your commercial roof causing you problems? Whether it’s a repair, replacement or just some maintenance that is required, there are a few tips to consider:

  • Take your time – Even if your roof is on its last legs, there’s no need to rush and you’re not obliged to go ahead with any work on your roof. Shop about and get a few quotes and compare why they may differ, maybe quality of materials etc.
  • Research – Don’t be afraid to check online for advice on different roofing problems. The more you know the better.
  • Don’t DIY – Whatever you do, don’t attempt to inspect or work on the roof yourself. Working at height is very dangerous and requires a lot of training.
  • Professional inspection – Get your roof inspected by a reputable roofing company. Be sure to get a detailed quote from them, outlining every aspect of the job as well as any insurance or warranty.

Experienced roofers you can trust

DPR Roofing is a team of roofing experts, based in Pontefract, with over 29 years of experience in the industry. Our commercial roofing services cover all bases, with everything from maintenance and repairs to full replacements. It all starts with a thorough inspection, where we’ll identify what’s wrong and recommend the best course of action with zero obligation on your part. Whatever the job, we’re committed to delivering first-class customer service, quality workmanship and unbeatable value for money.