DPR Ltd’s roofers would like to warn homeowners in the Leeds, Barnsley, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Pontefract areas of Yorkshire to watch out after complaints from a number of residents in Derby about a cowboy roofer scam.

Cowboy roofer scams are nothing new and there have been many over the years across the whole of the UK. Shows like ‘Don’t get Done, Get Dom’ and DIY SOS has exposed the poor work of some roofers in the past yet it appears some are still on our streets.

Recently in Derby a number of complaints have been made to the local paper claiming there is a spate of roofing scams in the local area and it is believed this is not as isolated incident. As a result, we are warning people to be on the lookout in Yorkshire for similar scams.

According to reports and letters in the Derby Telegraph, one woman said: “A coupe of days ago I answered a knock at my door and was faced by a presentable young man.

“He then proceeded to tell me a story about the state of the ridge tiles on my roof and that he&#146d noticed them when he&#146d done a job for my neighbour. He then invited me outside to see for myself.

“I couldn&#146t see anything wrong and told him so, also that I wasn&#146t having any issues with rain ingress, and had my own roofer who dealt with any necessary repairs anyway. Across the road, a white Transit van was parked. After they&#146d driven off, I rang my neighbour to ask if she&#146d had any repairs done by these people and the answer was no.”

This is not the first time this has been the case. DPR would like to remind you that no professional roofing company will ever knock on your door unless you have called them and that you should never exchange money or be drawn into contract with people who claim such a story.

If you are worried about a roofing scam or someone claims to work for DPR and they do this, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will put your mind at ease and deal with accordingly.