How Often Should Gutters Be Replaced?

For many property owners, thinking about replacing the gutters is probably one of the last maintenance issues that would cross their minds. Generally, people are aware that gutters need cleaning out a few times a year to prevent blockages caused by leaves, twigs or moss, but not that the gutter system will need completely replacing at some point.

However, keeping your gutters maintained and in full working order is essential to have a proper drainage system and prevent any issues further down the line. Read on as we discuss when your gutters need replacing.

What happens when you don’t replace gutters?

Leaving the gutters on a building for many years without carrying out proper maintenance can have serious consequences if they become weakened, blocked or their alignment starts to slope over time.

Water that can’t effectively run off the roof and through the gutters can get onto the walls and into your property. In some cases it could even affect the foundations. From damp and mould to structural damage, this can lead to several costly issues for your property.

When should they be replaced?

Generally speaking, gutters made from aluminium or galvanised steel can last upwards of twenty years with proper care, and copper gutters can even last as many as fifty years before they need replacing in the right circumstances. Plastic or uPVC guttering has a slightly shorter lifespan of 20 years or so but is still far more cost-effective than the alternatives.

All that said, leaking gutters don’t always need replacing. Instead, a bit of maintenance will usually do the trick. Keeping gutters blockage-free with clearance once or twice a year will prevent most issues.

Professional gutter repairs can also rectify most problems with cracks or misalignment. However, if blockages or cracks are left unaddressed, then you could have a replacement issue on your hands.

How can I make my gutters last?

The most important factor in ensuring your gutters remain in good shape for as long as possible is by taking care of them. Hire a professional to clear out your gutters once or twice a year and prevent any leaks caused by substance build-up. They can also inspect the gutters for any areas of damage and fix any issues before they cause major problems.

Check your gutters in dry weather and when it’s raining to ensure that the weight of the water isn’t putting excess pressure on the pipes and making them slope, or that water isn’t running through them properly. If your gutters are made from steel, check them over to make sure there aren’t signs of rust as this can cause holes and splits to form. Look after your gutters properly and they can last a long time before they will need replacing.

Specialist guttering services

Whether it’s small repairs and clearance or a full replacement, the team at DPR Roofing has over 30 years’ experience in gutter maintenance. With professional guttering services across Pontefract, we can give you full peace of mind that water isn’t getting to your walls or foundations and save you money on repairs in the long run.