Is It Safe to Get on Your Roof?

If your roof is leaking, it can be incredibly frustrating seeing water come into your property. It’s only natural that you’ll want to do something about it. But should you get on your roof to take a closer look or try and fix it yourself? In short, the answer is no…

The dangers of roofing

From caulking your windows to relaying the lawn, there are plenty of jobs you can do around the home with a bit of DIY know-how or some instructional videos. Unfortunately, roofing does not fall into this category.

Professional roofers require rigorous health and safety training so they can work at height safely. Just getting on your roof will put you at serious risk, before you’ve even attempted to work with different tools and materials while you’re up there. Not to mention the risk of those around the building if anything falls off.

On top of your own safety, you’ll be putting your property at risk too. Something as small as a foot in the wrong place can cause costly damage to your roof. That’s especially true for roofs that are already leaking, as they will typically be a bit more prone to damage. While your initial intention might be to save money, it could actually cost you a lot more.

What can I do to check my roof?

With all of these safety concerns in mind, getting on your roof is definitely a big no-no, regardless of how confident you feel or how good you are at other DIY jobs. Like electrical work, roofing is simply not worth the risk for yourself and your property.

That said, there are some ways you can check the state of your roof if you want some assurance about its condition. One simple example is the daylight test:

  • Go up to your loft or roof space when it’s nice and bright outside
  • Turn off all the artificial light inside so the space is completely dark
  • Look for any daylight coming through your roof’s covering
  • This indicates a break in the roof – if light can get through, so can rainwater

Another way to check your roof is from ground level. You’ll probably have to move about 20 yards away from the building to get a better view of the roof. Look across the entire surface of the roof, checking for any broken, loose or missing tiles or slates.

Check the flashing around any joins in the roof too. Any loose or missing flashing could let water in around the chimney, dormer, skylights or where two planes meet. Finally, take a look at the guttering around your building. Cracks, leaks or loose parts will need to be taken care of by a professional.

Get a roofing expert in

Whether you’ve got a leaky roof or just want to check its condition, the best course of action is always speaking to a professional. DPR Roofing can lend a helping hand for roofs across Pontefract and the surrounding areas.

Commercial or domestic, we’ll draw upon 30+ years of experience to identify any issues with your roof and provide long-lasting repairs. Rest assured, all of our team are fully trained in health and safety and working at height.

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