At Pontefract roofers, we like to provide out clients with as much information as possible to help them make an informed choice about thier roofs. Today we have had a look at types of clay roof tiles, inparticular looking at the Acme Single and Double Camber variations.

The features of Acme Single Camber clay tiles

This tile is available in a range of eight colours to help you match the surrounding area and meet planning requirements and is a remarkably versatile product, with its 30° minimum pitch providing greater than usual design flexibility that has helped to make it popular in the marketplace.

In common with all clay tiles is its &#146Very Good&#146 certification for BES 6001, which is the government-sanctioned regulation that products should be made with constituent materials, as well as being sourced responsibly. As clay is a natural product, it is not only practical but also environmentally-friendly.

Accreditation under the BES 6001 standard has made it likely that the tile will receive further accreditation by Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

In addition, it has a long life and is highly affordable, making an ideal option for any roofing project. Advances in technology have enabled the tiles to be mass-produced, which of course aids affordability, as well as allowing Acme to make the tiles available in a range of colours at no extra cost.

The features of Double Camber Clay plain tile

This tile is also clay, so it shares all of the accreditations and eco-friendly characteristics of the single camber variant. How it differs is largely in its unique double camber plain tile texture and colouring. As such, while the tile is more expensive, it comes in fewer colours, and its range of complementary clay tile fittings and accessories are equally plain, which suits the traditional profile of the tile.

The tile’s characteristic double curve allows the designer/roofer to create highly-textured patterns that will be accentuated by variations in light and shade. This is the only double camber tile made in the UK.

Having been provided roof repairs and installation for homes across Pontefract for two decades, knowing the difference between one tile and another is integral to our success. So for expert advice from roofers who pay meticulous attention to detail, call now on 01977 220016.