Winter has the reputation for being the harshest season for roofs. And for good reason. The heavy rainfall and low temperatures can be extremely harsh on roofs, and can lead to a whole host of issues. But that is not to say that the other seasons can’t be tough as well.

Summer provides a whole host of unique issues for roofs. If you are not aware of these issues then they could, just as easily as winter, go on to create some serious problems.

The main problem with summer is the heat. Though we don’t get as much of it as other countries it can still be enough to create problems. With extreme heat the tiles on your roof can warp, and in some cases split. In either situation, warping or splitting, it leaves a weak point which moisture can then penetrate. Come autumn and winter, when rainfall increases, the gaps that have been created will become very evident.

If you have gaps or splits in your roof in summer and we suffer from a summer storm then the consequences can be very dire. This is because of the warping that will occur to the wooden structure of your home from constant soaking and drying. The ramifications of such a thing happening are serious and obvious.

Your gutters should not be overlooked in this process. Winter is the time when most debris falls, and your gutters are most likely to become clogged. If we then have a summer storm they will suddenly become overburdened and are likely to fail. We have talked before about the kind of damage that a malfunctioning gutter system can cause.

Thankfully, summer is the perfect time to check your roof for any damage. Unlike winter, where it will be cold and miserable, and likely that your vision obscured, summer allows for unfettered views of your roof. The uniformity of roofs makes looking for any issues very easy. If there are any gaps or splits then it should be startlingly obvious. If you think you have a roofing issue then contact DPR roofing. We have over 28 years’ experience in repairing and replacing roofs on both domestic and commercial properties. To find out more just call us on 0113 335 0043.