4 of the Most Valuable Home Improvements

When you’re making home improvements, the first thing on your mind will probably be how they’ll improve your life. Having a new kitchen or bathroom is usually worth the cost just because it’s nicer to see and use every day.

However, the vast majority of home improvements also have an impact on the value of your home. That essentially gives you some of the cost back if you come to selling your property, making the investment even more worthwhile.

Want to find out more? Read on as we look at four home improvements which add the most value to your home.

1. Extensions

While property prices are affected by a range of factors, especially their location, homes are generally more valuable when they’re larger with more space to use. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that extensions are amongst the most valuable home improvements according to estate agents.

In a survey by Which, estate agents revealed that the three most valuable improvements were:

  • Adding a bedroom as an extension
  • Adding a reception room as an extension
  • Adding a garage

2. Loft conversion

Following a similar train of thought, loft conversions are another home improvement that add considerable value. They essentially provide extra living space without the need to extend the built home – and without any need to eat away at the garden space.

Typically used as an additional bedroom, loft conversions have been found to increase the sale price of a home by an average of £11,020.

3. New kitchen

Kitchens have long been known as the most important room in the house when it comes to selling your home. With good reason too. They’re the heart of any home, where you’ll spend many a morning, afternoon and evening preparing meals for the family or enjoying the therapeutic fun of baking.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that a new kitchen can add around 6% to the value of your property. With the average UK house price standing at around £230,000 – a new kitchen could be worth upwards of £10,000 for your home.

4. Replacement roof

There are several reasons why a new roof is one of the most valuable home improvements for any property. For one, your home’s other selling points rely on it. A beautifully converted loft or a spacious new extension will do nothing for the value of your home if there’s an unsightly damp patch on the ceiling.

On top of that, a new roof is a major attraction when it comes to kerb appeal. In short, this is the first impression buyers get of your property when viewing it from the kerb. A poorly kept roof will badly colour the rest of your home, making buyers question every inch of the interiors because of what they’ve seen outside.

Finally, unlike other home improvements, roofs aren’t an optional extra. If buyers spot a roof’s poor condition, they know it’s the first thing they’ll need to replace if they buy the house. That will be at the front of their mind when they make a bid, which could see a significant amount taken off your sale price.

Protect your home’s value with a high-quality roof

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