6 Expert Roofing Tips for 2023

The new year has given many people fresh motivation to look after their homes. Your roof should be number one on that list, given that it protects every other part of your property from the elements.

So, what should you be doing about your roof in 2023 and beyond? In this post, we’ll provide six expert tips that will keep you in control of your roof.

1. Arrange an annual inspection

First on the list is to get your roof inspected professionally on an annual basis. Ideally, we’d recommend six months – but once a year should do the trick for most domestic roofs.

While some roofers might be happy for you to let your roof go downhill until it’s time for a replacement, we advocate a proactive approach. That means staying on top of your roof’s condition and making small repairs as necessary, to keep it in tip-top shape.

In the long run, this proactive approach with yearly inspections will prolong the life of your roof, save you money by nipping issues in the bud and provide much more peace of mind that your roof is working when the rain starts to fall.

2. Check it yourself periodically

Even with an annual inspection, there’s no harm in checking your roof yourself if you want to make sure it’s holding up during the worst weather. A good time to do this is after a particularly bad storm or just at the six-month mark between professional inspections.

Instead, you can look up from ground level outside your property. You might need to cross the road to get a proper view of your roof. Look for anything that’s out of place – tiles, flashing, ridges or even gutters. A loose gutter could have been knocked by a falling tile.

You can also check from inside by looking at the top of walls, ceilings and inside your loft or roof space for signs of water ingress. If you go up to your loft in the daytime, turning off the lights will reveal any breaks in the roof as you’ll see daylight getting through.

Find anything awry? Make sure you contact a roofer to get it checked professionally in good time.

3. Never get on yourself!

One thing we certainly don’t advise is getting on the roof yourself. That’s highly dangerous for anyone without the right training to work at height – even more so if it’s during bad weather.

Whether you want a closer look at a problem area or you think you can handle a quick tile replacement yourself, it’s not worth the risk. The same applies to anyone else untrained who thinks they can lend a hand.

Sure, it could save you a bit of money if it all goes to plan. But it could also cost you a lot of money if you slip and damage your roof. Or even worse, it could cost you your well-being if you fall off the roof entirely.

If there’s one tip you take away from us in 2023, it’s to leave roofing to the professionals.

4. Get your gutters cleaned

While they’re not tiled or pitched, your gutters are another vital part of the roofing system. The essential purpose of a roof is to stop water getting through and it’s the gutters’ job to collect it as it runs off your roof. They guide rainwater down your drains to protect your walls and foundations – or at least they’re supposed to.

Gutters can become blocked over time, commonly by moss, leaves and other debris. As well as causing overflows themselves, those blockages hold more water and add more weight to your gutters. Eventually, that can cause gutters to become misaligned, leading to a cycle where they hold even more water and so on.

The simple solution? Get your gutters cleared. It’s so much quicker and cheaper than getting them replaced a couple of years down the line. You could even get it sorted as part of your annual inspection to save a little bit on the callout fee. With the right maintenance, gutters can easily last a lifetime.

5. Don’t just go for the cheapest option

When you’re getting contractors in, a good rule of thumb is to get three quotes. Roofing is no exception. As well as giving you a good idea of the going rate for the job, it will allow you to compare the different repairs that are being recommended, and what each contractor is including.

That brings us to our next tip – don’t just go for the cheapest option. Take some time to properly look through the quotes, what’s included and crucially what isn’t.

If one is cheaper but doesn’t include scaffolding or a skip, for example, that’s worth taking note of. Either a roofer is planning to cut corners, or they’re going to pass that cost onto you at a later date. The same goes for a guarantee, which is worth its weight in gold for peace of mind.

On top of that, there’s the reputation of the different companies. From training and accreditations to reviews, years of experience and even the equipment they use – there’s a lot that separates roofing contractors beyond the prices they offer.

6. Bite the replacement bullet if needed

Finally, a tip specifically for those with older roofs. If problems have started recurring on your roof and 2022 was full of uncertainty during bad weather, it might be time to bite the bullet when it comes to roof replacement.

Replacing your roof can actually save you money over time, as your old roof becomes more of a liability rather than a protective shield for your property. If money is the main obstacle, roof financing can help you spread the cost without cutting corners for your roof.

Here for all your roofing needs in 2023

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