DPR carry out roofing work for Wakefield College Estates, the company which is in charge of education buildings, such as Wakefield College, across the Wakefield and Pontefract District.

Last month Wakefield College Estates called on our roofing expertise to rectify an ongoing leak to the ’just 5 years old’ state of the art campus at Castleford College. The leak was right at the very top of the building, linked to the atrium area and had caused considerable problems for rooms and spaces below.

After an initial survey was carried out by Darren Rickett and a better understanding of the issues which have caused this leak after such a short lifespan of the existing roof was established, DPR set about coming up with a better and more effective solution.

It was agreed that a new GRP trim and board system was to be installed over the main atrium. However because of the position within the wider roofing structure of the atrium section, which looks out over Junction 32 and Xscape, access was very difficult having to cart all the roof repair materials upstairs due to their large size.

Usually, work is slowed up by bad weather, however for the first time in the history of DPR Roofing, the works were slowed up by hot weather of late which is bizarre as usually its rain that stops play. The sheer heat taken in by the roof was too much for staff to bear working upon and the GRP would cure too fast. This has never happened before and does prove how much our climate is changing and the warm weather we have had this summer.

Upon completion of the work, our contact commented at their delight that the issues had been solved and after we explained it will last over 20 years (although it should last a lot longer) were further delighted with the works done.

If you have a commercial property that has small leakages in the roof, please do not wait. In all too many scenarios, a small issue can escalate overnight due to heavy rain and leave you with a huge problem, often affecting rooms, stock or other equipment below. If you are worried, please contact one of our surveyor team who can come out as soon as possible to check your roof for you and recommend and immediate work that might need to take place.

For more information on our commercial roofing packages and work, please contact us today on 01977 220016.