DPR have been installing and maintaining roofs on commercial buildings in Leeds the surrounding areas, such as Barnsley for over 28 years.

To ensure the longevity and proper operation of your roof and of your building as a whole, it is advisable to carry out regular and thorough maintenance. However for different businesses and structures different maintenance procedures will be needed.

At DPR we always take the time to talk to our commercial customers about their maintenance routine. Each client is different, as is the needs of their properties. With over 28 years of trading in roofing, DPR has amassed a huge amount of experience and can advise on all aspects of commercial roofing.

DPR provide maintenance for a number of commercial clients in Barnsley. As mentioned the needs of each client is different. For example one of our repeat clients, Potters Ballotoni, regularly produce a lot of glass dust and sand during their day to day manufacturing processes. We recommended a regular gutter cleaning plan of 4 times a year due to dust volumes blocking gutters so regular.

However other clients have us on an annual, bi annual, or even on a monthly rolling contract and at each client we keep an eye out for different things, as different structures and different roofing materials will develop issues in different areas.

We also provide high level inspections via our own .M.E.W.P., which are often used when access is difficult as is the case in a lot of commercial buildings in Leeds. Digital imagery is also a useful tool in our arsenal. We use digital imagery to show what effects roof damage can have and how our ongoing maintenance work will keep your roof functional for the foreseeable future. We can also use digital imagery to monitor a roofs condition over time, as we store every roof on file for future reference going back for many years.


If you or your business is located in Barnsley or Leeds, or just about anywhere in Yorkshire and you would like to learn about our maintenance services then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 335 0043 to find out more.