How Long Can My Roof Last Without Repairs?

Whether it’s dishes in the sink or ignoring the fuel light on your car, we’re all guilty of putting things off. For some property owners, the same is true for your roof.

You might have had a leak for some time or already noticed cracked and loose tiles. Maybe you even went as far as getting a quote for the repairs but then decided to let it fester.

In this post, we’ll discuss how long your roof can last without repairs as well as the potential problems of this approach.

Different types of roof repairs

How long your roof can last depends on the kind of work it needs. If the roof is sagging, it could be on the verge of collapse, needing urgent repair. But if it’s just a couple of loose or cracked tiles, it could technically last a lot longer.

That said, your roof will do exactly that – last. Much like your teeth will last without a trip to the dentist or your eyes without seeing an optician, your roof will last but the problem won’t fix itself and could even get much worse.

The problem with ignoring repairs

If left ignored, even the smallest problem will get worse or lead to other issues. A few cracked tiles will allow water in, which could cause more serious damage to your roof’s battens, for example. The longer you leave it, the more damage will develop and the more it will cost when you finally get it repaired.

That’s not even considering the potential damage to other parts of your property. Your roof acts as an umbrella to the rest of your building. Any damaged or weak spots could allow water in and lead to problems elsewhere.

At the very least, you will need to redecorate over wet patches in walls or ceilings. At the other end of the spectrum, you could be looking at problems with your home’s structure or even electrics.

Get it done as soon as possible

Whether it’s a small issue or major problem, we always recommend getting your roof repaired as soon as possible. Sure, it could probably last another week, month or year without repair. But at what cost? Your roof’s function is already compromised. There’s never a better option than to put it right.

The only issue is money. Not everyone has the funds available to pay for roof repairs. That can leave you in a tricky situation if the cost of the job continues to rise the longer you put it offer. Fortunately, there is a solution…

Have you considered roof financing?

At DPR Roofing in Pontefract, we offer flexible roof financing options to help customers pay for their roof repairs or replacement when they need it. Rather than having to save up for one lump sum while your roof gets worse, you can get the work done and pay for it on a monthly basis.

With fair interest rates and manageable monthly payments, you could save money in the long run – avoiding the major problems that come from putting off repairs. To find out more, give our team a call on 01977 220016.