Love them or hate them, house viewings are a must when you’re searching for a new home. And, if you’re buying, there’s nothing worse than finding out about problems once you’ve moved in – or even if you’ve just got your heart set on a home.

But what should you check? We don’t need to remind you to check the basics – like room sizes, parking space and the surrounding area. However, other essentials can slip through the net in all the excitement. Read on for five frequently overlooked features of a home when viewing.


While most people check how much natural light a house has, they often forget to check the windows thoroughly. Windows can have an array of problems which could cost a lot to fix:

  • Check for the glazing type
  • If windows are double glazed, look for condensation between the panes
  • Does the property have wooden windows? They’re a beautiful feature, but be sure to inspect the wood for flaking paint or even pushing it slightly, to ensure there’s no decay or rot.


A full survey will assess a property’s electrical safety. But on your viewing, be sure to check light switches and plug sockets:

  • Are there enough for your needs?
  • Are they located in the right places?
  • What condition are they in?


Plumbing is yet another essential that can make or break a house. Make sure you go through the following:

  • Check the pipes aren’t made from lead as this contaminates water
  • Flush the toilet to check there are no problems
  • Run the taps to test the water pressure
  • Check if the radiators work
  • Ask about the boiler – its age and energy efficiency

Roof (and guttering)

When viewing a property, you should also make sure you look up. Check things such as:

  • How old is the roof?
  • Is there any ventilation?
  • Is there any signs of wear and tear?
  • Are the gutters fully functioning?

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Up there among the most easily missed problems is damp. Damp issues can come in all shapes and sizes but look for discolouration on walls and ceilings, as well as wallpaper or paint peeling away from walls. Often found in bathrooms, damp can also come in the form of black mould or fungi. You may even be able to sniff it out, so be sure to check for a stale smell.

Roofing specialists in Pontefract

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