When it comes to home improvement, some people prefer the Do-It-Yourself approach. And why not? It’s a great way to save money and – for some – it’s a fun hobby too. Who doesn’t love wallpapering, re-grouting and putting up shelves?

However, some DIY enthusiasts prefer to take things one step further. Some even try their hand at roofing, but is it a good idea? Read on as we discuss the pros and cons of DIY roofing, compared to a professional job.

Pro? – “I can save money”

The number one reason people attempt DIY work of any type is to save money. If you were a trained roofer, you would save plenty of money doing your own roofing jobs.


However, most people aren’t trained to complete roofing jobs. As a result, their DIY work doesn’t cut the mustard, meaning they will probably have to fork out for repairs (or possibly complete overhauls) in the future.

They’re also left out of pocket for materials, which professionals can buy in bulk for less. In the long run, DIY could cost you far more than just getting a proper job done.

Pro? – “I can complete work when I want”

Some people consider DIY work because they need the job doing urgently. They think that professionals will have long waiting lists, and won’t be able to guarantee when work will be done.


Putting up some flat pack furniture after work is one thing, but try balancing your day to day life with a DIY roofing job. You’ll soon find it taking far longer than expected, especially because you’re tackling it alone.

Cons, cons and more cons.

On top of cost and time, DIY roofing is a massive no-no for safety. Working at height requires a lot of training to preventing you hurting yourself and others. It’s not just a risk of falling, there’s also the risk of falling materials such as tiles or tools that could do serious damage to passers-by.

Not only that, it’s very easy to slip up when it comes to tools and materials. Roofing contractors know exactly what’s needed for every roof in any environment. Make the wrong choice and you’ll soon see that your roof can’t weather the storm.

And then there’s the quality of the job. You might think you’ve done a decent job patching up your roof. The reality will soon become apparent. Roofing is a highly-skilled trade, requiring extensive training to deliver high standards. Without these skills and the right materials, as mentioned, you’ll probably find yourself paying for it in the long run.

Don’t take the risk

DIY roofing work just isn’t worth the time, money or effort. Leave it to the professionals. DPR Roofing is a team of highly-skilled roofing professionals, with complete training and full accreditation. We’ve been working on roof repairs and replacements in Pontefract for over 29 years. And we’re ready to help you. Contact us today to arrange a free quote for your roofing job.