5 Roofing Problems Caused by Storms in 2022

Over 200,000 UK homes were damaged and left without power during February and that was only from storm Eunice!

Throughout the first quarter of 2022, the was hit by five violent storms. While Dudley, Barra, and Arwen may sound harmless enough, they put a serious dent in British infrastructure and our roofs were their primary target.

1. Falling trees

The biggest fear of anyone caught in the eye of a storm is the chaos wrecked by strong winds blowing over trees and other large objects.

Storm Eunice wrecked thousands of homes and left lives at risk as uprooted trees caused devastation to UK homes.

The roof of a family home in Essex was left completely destroyed by a 400-year-old oak. Thankfully no one was hurt.

2. Debris damage

Storm Dudley hit the UK on the 16th of February and brought a ton of debris along with it. Cars, homes and people were pelted with bricks and other dangerous debris as winds reached 100mph.

The debris carried by storm Dudley crushed cars and tore off the entire roof a house in Eccles, and another in Salford as bricks were ripped from neighbouring houses and flung high into the air.

3. Extreme weather

It wasn’t just the wind we had to worry about, but the extreme weather conditions that came along with it.

Extreme blizzards accompanied storm Eunice across the Northern parts of the UK and caused major damage to residential roofs.

Snow water leaked into brickwork, weakening ceiling joints leaving thousands of houses vulnerable to collapse should other sizeable storms hit in the near future.

4. Water pooling

Flat roofs didn’t get off scot-free during the UK’s battle with the blizzards. The snow and rainfall carried by the strong gale-force winds have left standing water on flat roofs.

Flat roofs do drain away rainwater, but many could not cope with the barrage of rain, snow, and debris that clogged up gutters and drainpipes leaving thousands of flat roofs vulnerable to sagging and leaking.

5. Loose tiles

One of the biggest issues that storms caused to UK roofs is perhaps the most overlooked. Millions of roofs were left intact and unaffected by the recent storms – or so they may think.

Strong winds and storms loosen tiles, especially on older roofs. This leaves your roof more vulnerable to regular weathering, let alone another storm.

Get your roof inspected

After big storms like Eunice and Dudley, it is vital to arrange a thorough roof inspection. Your roof may appear okay from a distance, but a closer look could reveal critical weaknesses that can lead to bigger problems.

Don’t wait until the next storm to find out! Contact us at DPR Roofing for expert help and advice on storm-proofing your roof. Our roofers are trained professionals, equipped to deal with any type of roof damage a storm may bring.

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