Is It Normal for Gutters to Overflow in Heavy Rain?

There’s nothing better than looking outside when the rain is pouring, and thanking your lucky stars that you’re not out there getting drenched. But when you do, you may well notice that some of the heaviest rainfall is coming directly from your gutters.

Once you’ve noticed it, it’s hard to switch off. At the very least, you’ll hear the constant drizzle of water flowing out at the perimeter of your property. So, is it normal, or should you be concerned? Read on to find out.

A surprisingly common problem

When people talk about normal, they sometimes mean ‘common’. They’re essentially asking whether other people have the same problem. When it comes to overflowing gutters, the answer is ‘yes’.

There are several different reasons why gutters can overflow, and almost everyone has encountered at least one of them at some point:

  • Blockages – Gutters can overflow when leaves, moss or other debris stop water flowing through them.
  • Too small – If your gutters aren’t big enough to deal with the rate of rainfall running off your roof, it will invariably overflow.
  • Too steep – Gutters that guide water away too fast will cause an overflow at the top or bottom of the downpipe.
  • Not steep enough – Alternatively, gutters without enough of a gradient will allow water to sit – and then overflow – when the rain starts to fall.

As well as the issues above, leaks in the guttering can create the illusion of an overflow. In this case, the issue is actually caused by a crack in the length of the gutter, a gap in the joints between parts or even a gap between the gutters and the roof.

But is it acceptable?

It’s one thing saying overflowing gutters are prevalent. The other meaning of normalcy is whether it’s something you should put up with. In this sense, the answer is ‘no’, overflowing gutters are not normal.

Gutters should be designed and installed to deal with any rainfall that flows off your roof, even when it gets heavy. If they can’t cope with that, then something is wrong – and it needs to be put right.

When your gutters overflow, they send rainwater down onto your walls and around the bottom of your building. Over time, this can cause the pointing on your walls to break down, allowing water through the brickwork. Even worse, it can seep into your property’s foundations and cause serious structural problems.

What to do about it

The good news is, you’re not stuck with your faulty gutters. Most gutters can be fixed or even replaced within a day, so you don’t have to put up with water damaging your property.

At DPR Roofing, we provide an array of dedicated guttering services to commercial and domestic customers across Pontefract. From clearance and small repairs to realignment and gutter renewal, our team will recommend and deliver the right services for your gutters.

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