When you’re raising your garage roof, planning permission may not be something you consider. Most homeowners are concerned with prices, contractors and getting the job done quickly. In fact, it’s something you could regret ignoring. This post discusses planning permission when it comes to raising your garage roof.

What the law says

So, should you apply for planning permission? In short, yes. The guidelines for planning permission state that any alteration raising from the existing roof plane by more than 150 millimetres requires permission. Chances are, you want to raise your garage roof by more than 6 inches.

Why it’s risky

Despite this, many homeowners decide to go for it without getting permission. Sure, this might seem like a quicker, simpler way. But it can soon backfire when an envious neighbour calls the council to report you. That’s all it takes for an enforcement notice to be sent out for you to undo any changes. Fail to comply? You could be subject to a fine or legal proceedings. The council can arrange to demolish your new addition and charge you for their troubles too.

How to apply for planning permission

When it comes to such a simple home improvement, it’s really not worth the risk of legal proceedings. Apply for planning permission through your local authority before starting work on your garage roof. It typically costs £172 in England and should be decided within eight weeks. This fee is nothing compared to the cost of altering your roof only to pay again to undo the work.

Doing things right

As well as getting planning permission, it’s important to find the best contractors to carry out work on your garage roof. That’s where DPR Roofing in Pontefract come in. We have over 29 years’ experience in roofing, with a team of fully trained roofing specialists. Whether it’s a raised garage roof or a complete roof replacement, we provide high quality results that stand the test of time. Contact us today to arrange your free quote.