Double storey extensions are a smart way to add more space to your property and increase its value. You could, for example, add an extra bedroom, en-suite bathroom, new living area and an office – which could transform any property. An essential component of a double story extension is the roof, with a flat roof often the most practical option. But how much is it going to set you back? Keep reading as we look at the cost of a flat roof on a double storey extension.

What is a double storey extension?

A double storey extension (or two-storey extension) is ‘exactly what it says on the tin’. It’s an extension to the home with two storeys. Rather than extending the ground floor alone, it provides more space for the second floor of the property too. It can be completed as one project, though some property owners decide to add the second storey at a later date. This requires a professional inspection to test the foundations of the original extension. The main limitation with double-storey extensions is the roof height. Planning policy typically requires extensions to be “sympathetic” to the existing property. Essentially, the roof of the extension shouldn’t exceed the existing roof height.

Pricing things up

A practical option for a double storey covering is a flat roof. They can cover areas of any size without adding too much to the cost of the double storey extension. Renewing a double storey flat roof covering would typically cost around £1000 – £1500 on an average bedroom extension over a kitchen, for example. Scaffolding may also be required, which could add to the cost.

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