Do Roofs Leak in Summer?

Summer is a time for relaxation. Enjoying the sun (hopefully) in your garden, at the seaside or even further afield. That relaxed vibe usually applies to your roof too. With the worst of the weather gone, you can forget about leaks, water ingress and damage to your roof.

But can you really? In this post, we’ll discuss why summer is just as important as any other season when it comes to your roof.

Winter is worst for weather

It’s a well-known fact that roofers are busiest in winter. Anyone who doesn’t already know that will soon be brought up to speed when they try getting a new roof just before Christmas. That’s quite simply because of the winter weather. Heavier and more frequent rain – often several days at a time – will expose pretty much any faults in your roof.

Weather can also make small problems worse, from high winds getting under loose tiles to freeze-thaw action making cracks bigger over time. When summer comes around, and the rain is much lighter and less frequent, it’s seen as a break for your roof.

But is summer leak-free?

While it does rain a lot less in summer, those problems in your roof are by no means gone. If your roof was previously leaking, it might subside for a few months, but you can pretty much put your house on it coming back later in the year.

Even worse, the small amount of summer rain could continue to get into your roof without detection. One silver lining with heavy rain is that it’s usually visible when it leaks in. On the flipside, summer leaks could go unnoticed and potentially cause more long-term damage.

One thing that can be said about summer is that the rain is less likely to cause new problems. As mentioned above, winter brings high winds and low temperatures which can have an impact on even the best roofs. Leaks in summer will generally only happen when the problem was there to begin with.

Summer leaks: the verdict

All in all, the answer is yes – roofs can leak in summer. That could be a noticeable leak during a summer shower or a hidden leak with small amounts of water getting in.

Whatever the case, now is the best time to act. Roofers have much better availability through the summer, with most people forgetting about their roof and concentrating on their garden. You’ll also benefit from a faster roof replacement or repair job, with less chance of rain delaying work on your roof.

Summer roof repairs and replacements

Whether your roof is leaking during summer or you’re concerned about a leak that’s mysteriously disappeared, DPR Roofing is here to help. Operating across Pontefract for over three decades, we’re committed to finding the root cause of roofing problems and providing long lasting repairs.

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