To understand any problems with your roof, it’s good to know about all the different components. And while most people are familiar with the tiles, flat roof decking and gutters, there are some more specific features that seem alien to most. Fascias, soffits and barge boards are three such things, which you’ll find around the edge of the roof. Fortunately, they’re pretty simple to understand. Read on as we explain the three features, their differences and how to keep them in the best condition.


We’ll start with fascias. These are horizontal boards that your guttering is fixed to. They come down from the edge of the roof and are responsible for holding the guttering as well as protecting the edge of the roof’s rafters. When the roof has flush eaves – the edge is in close proximity to the property’s external walls – fascia boards can be attached directly onto the exterior wall. However, when there is a gap – known as closed eaves – the edge of the roof needs a soffit to protect the roof and carry the gutters…


Soffits are the flat boards that cover an overhanging roof from the underside. They’re attached to the lower end of fascia boards and cover the area between the external wall and the fascia to protect the exposed part of the roof. This essentially creates a box around the edge of the roof, which requires ventilation to avoid condensation and decay. Fortunately, most soffit boards have ventilation built in. However, you can also opt for over fascia ventilation, which allows air to flow between the roof and fascia board through the top of the fascia without compromising the protection for the roof.

Barge boards

While fascias and soffits support the guttering of a property, barge boards are attached to a gable to provide added strength, protection and aesthetics. They appear as an inverted ‘V’ under the edges of the roof verge, protecting the exposed materials much like a fascia.

Fascia, soffit and barge board importance

All three components are visible from the outside of the property, meaning they have a big impact on the appearance of the roof. With this in mind, they are available in a range of styles and colours to match your property’s overall look. Because they hold the gutters and protect the edge of the roof, it’s also important that your fascias, soffits and barge boards are well maintained. One common problem faced on properties with soffits is swallows nesting within the enclosure between the soffit and the house wall. With this comes insects, moisture and potential damage to your property. While it’s against the law to intentionally destroy or disturb an active nest, you can prevent them nesting in future.  This is done by sealing off the soffit with the roof, which needs to be completed during the winter months as this is when the birds aren’t nesting.

Need a hand?

If you’re having any problems with fascias, soffits or barge boards, it’s best to get it sorted as soon as possible. DPR Roofing in Pontefract can help, with both domestic roofing and commercial roofing services. Whatever the issue, we’ll put it right with an effective, long-lasting fix.