Why You Should Avoid Doorstep Roofers

Knocking on doors to offer your services seems like a friendly, traditional approach. While that may be the case for milkmen or window cleaners, it’s not quite the same for roofers.

In this post, we’ll explore why doorstep roofers should be avoided at all costs…

Knock knock – anybody in? (We want your money!)

Most of us have been there. Someone knocks at the door to tell you something is wrong with your roof. They explain that they offer roofing repairs or even replacements and leave you with a (usually cheap) business card or leaflet. Often they want to do the job straight away for quick cash rewards.

So, should you give them a call back if they leave a flyer or card through your door?

Probably not. Many doorstep roofers are out to make a quick profit. Are they fully committed to the quality of their work? Or will they happily move onto the next client straight after “finishing” your roof?

How do doorstep roofers operate?

One of the key problems with doorstep roofers is the way they’re getting business.

Most roofing contractors will get plenty of business through word of mouth. You do a good job on someone’s roof and they’re more than happy to pass your name on whenever their friends or relatives need help with their roof. This is how we operate – and it’s a great way for our customers to know they’re going to get great results before we even start.

So why do these roofers need to knock on doors? In short, it’s because they can’t get business by worth of mouth. Ask yourself – why is nobody recommending their services?

Why do they need to find new customers who don’t know any of their previous clients? Are they literally going to a different area a few miles away each time and knocking on doors?

Watch them knocking

Another clue to the reliability of doorstep roofers is how many doors they knock on. Watch them as they leave your property. Chances are, they’ll knock on every door on your street. Surely it would be a massive coincidence if every roof on your street needed repairs.

This is another problem with doorstep roofers. If they can find a fault with every single roof shouldn’t their motives and integrity be questioned?

The proof is in the pudding

Of course, the main reason to avoid doorstep roofers is simply because their work is never good enough. Unfortunately, many homeowners only find this out when it’s too late. You’ll have a roof in the same or an even worse state that it was before.

Try to ring them again to put things right and you might just find that your doorstep roofer is long gone. And once they’ve got your money, they’ll be off knocking on more doors.

Don’t chance it

When it comes to something as important and valuable as your roof, our advice is not to chance it with doorstep roofers.

DPR Roofing in Pontefract has over 30 years’ experience in domestic roofing with a long list of happy clients. If you suspect something is wrong your roof, don’t wait for a knock at the door. Give our team a call on 01977 220016 to arrange a professional survey.